When Does My Disability Attorney Or Representative Get Paid?

Disability attorneys or representatives get paid when you do

handful of hundred dollar bills

As disclosed in the fee agreement you sign with your disability attorney or fee withholding non-attorney representative, Social Security will release 25% or a maximum of $6,000 of your past due benefits after you are approved. This can not happen until you have officially been awarded disability benefits.

Disability attorneys or representatives with fee withholding are paid by Social Security and should never ask you for upfront payment or require you to release their fee. (UNLESS you have agreed to reimburse them for incidental fees.) Representatives are paid from your back pay, but Social Security is responsible for releasing the fee after you are approved. Non-attorneys without fee withholding require you to pay them their fee (as opposed to Social Security administering it directly).

Before you sign any documents, be sure you have answers to and understand important questions regarding your disability attorney or non-attorney representative. If you are unhappy with your current representative, or would like to know more about Quikaid operates, call now.

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