Social Security Disability Insurance vs. Supplemental Security Income

Both programs are administered by the Social Security Administration; they have much in common, but there are many differences, too

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Here Are the Similarities Between SSDI and SSI

1. Both are designed to provide income and health insurance to people who can no longer work due to a medical impairment(s);

2. Both are run by the Social Security Administration;

3. Both utilize the exact same definition of what it means to be disabled;

4. Both utilize the same process to determine if you are disabled;

5. The decision you get on your disability claim is “the answer” for both programs;

6. Both programs utilize the same denial and appeal process.

Here Are the Differences Between SSDI and SSI

1. SSDI eligibility is based on work credits. If you have worked 5 of the previous 10 years, you generally meet the non-medical eligibility requirements;

2. SSI has nothing to do with work credits! Work credits are not a requirement of this program;

3. The amount you receive under SSDI is based on the strength of your work history, and can exceed $2,500 per month;

4. The amount you receive under SSI is the same throughout the country – currently $733 per month (plus some states have modest supplements to this amount, generally $10 or $20 per month);

5. Eligibility for SSDI includes eligibility for Medicare 24 months following your date of entitlement to SSDI benefits;

6. Eligibility for SSI includes eligibility for Medicaid starting on the date of your Initial Application for disability benefits;

7. Your date of entitlement to benefits under SSDI is 5 months following your established onset date;

8. Your date of entitlement to benefits under SSI is generally the month following the month in which your claim was filed, assuming the decision is fully favorable (as opposed to partially favorable).

These programs are complex and require professional expertise

These programs are complex, so they require expert understanding to successfully navigate. If you would like a free evaluation and detailed explanation regarding these two programs, contact us now.

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