Is There a Difference Between The SSDI and SSI Process?

The difference between the SSDI and SSI process is the verification of assets and resources

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While the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs are different, the process of applying for these programs is very similar. In order to apply, you first complete the online application. Then, if you are filing for SSI, you need to complete an additional form.


The SSA-8001 is a form used to ensure a claimant meets the technical requirements for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. It asks questions that are not included on the online application, including specific living arrangements, amount a claimant owns in assets and resources such as property, vehicles, land, and bank accounts, as well as household income. These questions help Social Security determine whether or not you are eligible for the SSI program and are questions which are irrelevant to an SSDI claim.

Once you have filed your application and submitted the necessary information to Social Security, the initial application phase, reconsideration phase, Hearing and appeals processes are all done exactly the same way for both SSDI and SSI claims.

Pre-Effectuation Review Conference (PERC)

When approved for SSI, your claim will be processed through your local Social Security office (rather than the payment processing center for SSDI claims). You will be required to complete a Pre-Effectuation Review Conference (PERC) in order to verify the information you originally submitted on the SSA-8001 and to ensure there have not been any changes in eligibility to receive SSI benefits. At this time, you may be required to present specific documents including pay stubs and bank statements.

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