What Information Is Needed To File For Disability Benefits?

Personal, medical, and employment information is needed to file for disability benefits

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When you begin your application to file for Social Security Disability Benefits, you may be overwhelmed. The list of questions is long, and it is a time consuming process. Below is a list of information you will be required to provide.

Personal Information

• Name
• Gender
• Social Security number
• Date and place of birth
• Citizenship status
• Military status
• Government employment status
• Marital status
• Current/previous spouse’s age or date of birth
• Dates and locations of marriages/divorces
• Names of unmarried children under 18 or disabled before age 22

Medical Information

• Date you became unable to work
• Dates and locations you have received medical treatment

Employment Information

• Names and addresses of employers/self-employment information for past 15 years
• Yearly earnings for this year and last


• Arrest/felony/warrant status
• Additional benefits you filed or intend to file for

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