Will I Get Approved Faster If I Have A Disability Representative?

Having a disability attorney or representative can help speed up the notoriously slow disability process

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Obtaining representation from a knowledgeable disability attorney or representative will often ensure a smoother, faster claims process. This is true from filing the initial application through the hearing level. While not all firms follow the below processes, Quikaid does. We will do everything we can to get your claim approved.

Initial Application

Hiring a representative before you file the initial application will first and foremost determine if you qualify to receive disability benefits. There is no use wasting your time filing for the wrong program or one you are ineligible for. Secondly, we will guarantee you are providing Social Security with the information they need and are looking for so they do not have to waste additional time contacting you with questions after the application has been submitted. Your representative should complete the online application for you. Not only does this take them less time than it may take you (since they have completed the form hundreds of times before), but it also ensures it is done completely and correctly.

If your condition is terminal, your representative would also be able to mark your application as such. Terminal applications are always processed faster than regular disability claims.

Disability Determination Services

Once your application has been submitted, your claim is assigned to an examiner within Disability Determination Services (DDS). A competent representative should be in constant contact with your examiner to ensure medical records and questionnaires are received. They can quickly fax information you or your doctors provide, including Medical Source Statements and letters of support. They know what the examiner needs in order to make a decision on your claim and should provide them with anything they are missing. Keeping in touch with DDS allows the examiner no time to “lose” or “forget” information. They are known for “losing” claims and your representative should ensure this does not happen to you.


At Quikaid, we file appeals in a timely manner. Even though you have 60 days to submit the appeal, waiting until the deadline only further delays the process. Representatives or attorneys should not wait until the last minute in order to draw out your claim.


Once your disability hearing is requested, a disability representative or attorney may be able to shorten your wait time if you qualify for either an On The Record (OTR) or Dire Need request. These requests are for those with extenuating circumstances leaving them unable to obtain food, medicine, and/or shelter, or have severe conditions leaving a representative to believe they should be able to bypass the hearing and have their claim approved with the information currently “on the record”.

Obtaining representation before your hearing increases your chances of being approved at the hearing level, which will also speed up the process. Competent representatives will prepare for your hearing including writing a memo for the judge. They should “coach” you to present yourself in the best possible way. They should also have all the necessary medical records submitted to the judge before your hearing. Having these key steps completed before your hearing will increase your chances of approval, meaning no additional appeals which can add years to your disability claim.

For additional information about how Quikaid can help with your disability claim, contact us now. We look forward to helping you!

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