What is the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR)?

NADR is a professional organization for Social Security and disability related personnel

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Founded in Saint Louis, Missouri in March of 2000, the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) provides disability representatives with a forum to discuss questions, concerns, laws, updates, and general information with other practicing members.

They have established and achieved 4 goals:

1. Conduct Annual Conventions
Conventions, open to members and non-members, are designed to educate practitioners on updated rulings, changes, and improvements within the Social Security Administration (SSA).

2. Create a free national referral service
Claimants seeking representation and information regarding Social Security Disability can access contact information to attorneys and non-attorney representatives who are registered and insured, free of charge.

3. Seek status as an approved, "not-for-profit" organization with the IRS and Social Security offices nationwide

4. Create a "talk list"
Members of NADR can discuss disability related issues through a live, online forum.

For more information about NADR, visit their website

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