What is the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR)?

NADR is a professional organization for Social Security and disability related personnel

NADR Website HomePage

Founded in Saint Louis, Missouri in March of 2000, the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) provides disability representatives with a forum to discuss questions, concerns, laws, updates, and general information with other practicing members.

They have established and achieved 4 goals:

1. Conduct Annual Conventions
Conventions, open to members and non-members, are designed to educate practitioners on updated rulings, changes, and improvements within the Social Security Administration (SSA).

2. Create a free national referral service
Claimants seeking representation and information regarding Social Security Disability can access contact information to attorneys and non-attorney representatives who are registered and insured, free of charge.

3. Seek status as an approved, "not-for-profit" organization with the IRS and Social Security offices nationwide

4. Create a "talk list"
Members of NADR can discuss disability related issues through a live, online forum.

For more information about NADR, visit their website


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