Client Portal: How To Update Your Mailing Addresses

How To Update Your Mailing Addresses

To update your mailing address, you will need to navigate to the "Mailing Addresses" page (

Please note that to access this specific page in the Quikaid Client Portal, you must already be logged in.

The mailing address you provide here will be where Quikaid and the Social Security Administration will send any mail regarding your Social Security Disability claim. This may not necessarily be your residential address, but this should be the best address where you can receive mail. 

To update your current address, click on the yellow “Update” button. Start with the street address, enter in the Unit/Apt/Lot # if one is applicable, and the zip code. Our system will validate the address you enter with the USPS database, and we will populate the city and state for you. If you are receiving your mail somewhere else other than your own home such as a shelter, friend or relative’s apartment, or rehab center, make sure to include that information in the “Care of” field. Don't forget to add an apartment/unit/lot number if needed otherwise, your mail will not be delivered.

After you enter all the information required, you will be asked to confirm this information. If it is all correct, click on the green “Save” button. Now, you have successfully updated your mailing address.

Your claim with Quikaid has been updated and our office has also sent a change of address to your local Social Security Office, the state disability office, and/or the Office of Hearings Operations on your behalf. Great job!

Quikaid Client Portal, Updating Mailing Addresses

Need More Help?

We understand that navigating a client portal can be a new experience for some, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Should you require further assistance or guidance, we highly encourage you to explore our comprehensive A-Z overview of the client portal, which is designed to provide in-depth insights into the various features and functionalities available to you.

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