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Disability Judge Wilson Summary

Wilson, Shreese M. is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who adjudicates Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. This disability judge's most recent reported decision was in 08/2016 at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) located in Peoria, IL. Since 10/2009, this ALJ has adjudicated or decided 3,045 disability claims, of which 1,407 were adjudicated favorably - that is, disability benefits were granted in 46.2% of these claims. Select "Monthly Detail" to show adjudication trends for this ALJ on a monthly basis.

User Comments

Good luck receiving the benefits you deserve with Judge Wilson. She found me not credible and also disregarded over 500 pages of medical records from my pcp of 26 years. She stated that my doctor must be weak willed and that I convinced him that I have atrial septal defect, fibro myalgia, acute tendinitis in both elbows and wrists, ulnar neoropothy in right arm, diverticulitis, ocular migraines, memory problems insomnia. She had over 1,000 documents supporting my claim. Her own ssi Dr ssi Shrink supported my claims. She flat out called me a liar and slandered my physician of 26+ years. If she is your judge, don't hold out for hope. She has ruined me.

Automatically assumes you are lying. She called my 1,123 pages of evidence from 5 physicians "sparse". Disregarded testimony from my Dr of 25+ years. Found me to be " not credible". Faulted me for not taking narcotics to help with my never ending pain, but it is documented that I am unable to take most pain medication due to my diverticulitis. This judge will call you a liar no matter how many physicians you have behind you. Good luck with Judge Wilson...

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