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Disability Judge Dent Summary

Dent, Joseph F. is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who adjudicates Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. This disability judge's most recent reported decision was in 08/2016 at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) located in Saint Petersburg, FL. Since 10/2009, this ALJ has adjudicated or decided 2,991 disability claims, of which 1,531 were adjudicated favorably - that is, disability benefits were granted in 51.2% of these claims. Select "Monthly Detail" to show adjudication trends for this ALJ on a monthly basis.

User Comments

Judge Dent likes to point out any negatives during the Hearing and will ask the claimant about them, IE "I see you were very intoxicated when you went to the hospital ER. You blew a .267." He loves to amend to give less back pay, but at least will occasionally issue a bench decision, usually using the grids. He's generally fair, but will ask inappropriate questions at times, degrading the claimant. So be warned, and be ready to amend!

I was issued a favorable bench decision. He amended my onset date, but was actually very nice to me. His questions were very hard to answer for me. I think he really reads everything in the file and asks a lot about any confusing parts or illogical parts. Some of the questions were confusing to me as well, as doctors handwriting can be difficult to read and it's unusual the doctor has the full picture, but overall I'm glad he was my judge because I can focus on my health and move forward. It was nice to know it was over and approved when you left.

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