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Disability Judge Christian Summary

Christian, Frederick W. is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who adjudicates Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. This disability judge's most recent reported decision was in 08/2016 at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) located in Columbia, MO. Since 10/2009, this ALJ has adjudicated or decided 2,900 disability claims, of which 1,969 were adjudicated favorably - that is, disability benefits were granted in 67.9% of these claims. Select "Monthly Detail" to show adjudication trends for this ALJ on a monthly basis.

User Comments

Administrative Law Judge Frederick W. Christian heard a Social Security Death Benefits appeal involving a very unique circumstances. This was the third appeal over a long, arduous, ten year period of both financial and emotional destruction experienced by my young girls who had lost their father and me as the sole parent. We were never able to express our heart felt thanks to him for fear that it would be deemed inappropriate, so I thought a comment here would be acceptable. He was the only ALJ that would listen to what I was saying and look at the facts in order to make his judgment. This was not a "black and white" or "cut and dried" case based on the Social Security statues the issue was that the information provided by the opposing party had failed to provide the SS Administration with the proof of information that was required by and provided to SS in order to wrongfully qualify the deceased's stepchildren for death benefits. All we wanted was for someone to review the facts and listen to what we were saying and make a fair judgment either way. My children and I have the utmost respect for ALJ Christian because he DID HIS JOB. He took the time to carefully review a file at least 8" thick of documentation from over ten years and made a fair, unbiased ruling. If you want a Judge that will be fair and respectful of both sides, who conveys in his actions that he genuinely cares about your case, and takes his position and oath seriously. I know first hand that this is a good man and is fair even if he doesn't find in your favor. His decision is based on facts. I haven't had experience with but a few ALJs, and I can honestly say that I highly respect at least two of them.I'm sure there are more!Respectfully,

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